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Our mission is to consistently and safely provide best-in-class, professional-quality mechanical contracting services that benefits our clients and communities, while strengthening Kingdom purpose and creating value to our stakeholders. Our goal is to provide customers and contractors a quality, competitive and diverse option in the commercial HVAC mechanical field.

At Lou Brock Mechanical safety is of the utmost importance. We provide the safest work environment possible, as evidence by our impeccable safety record. Our attention to detail and our timely completion of projects has enabled us to have a consistent year-over-year growth trajectory each year since we were
founded (*save Covid 2020). Lou Brock Mechanical’s largest prime project dollar magnitude is $12 million.


Full HVAC Mechanical Installations: Chillers, Boilers, Med Gas, VAVs, VRFs, Cooling Towers, RTUs, Penthouse
AHUs, Chill water/Hot water and more. Give Lou Brock Mechanical an opportunity to earn your trust!

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