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Mendenhall Project Mixed-use Development
Magnitude = >$600,000

Mendenhall Photo 1.jpg
Mendenhall Photo 2.jpg

Mendenhall project is a four-story Historic Building Renovation.
The MEP scope was bid Plan and Spec. Lou Brock Mechanical value
engineered the design during the post-bid process to better solve
for the building’s needs within budget. Aesthetics was a key
component for the planned exposed ceilings and open floor plan.• 25 zoned units (AHUs & Condensers)
• Refrigeration and condensate piping
• Ductwork per specifications
• Hole cutting for outside air
• Exhaust fans, registers
• Insulation
• Core and Tenant Finish


Mendenhall Photo 3.jpg

BJC Campus Renewal South Tower
Magnitude = >$2,000,000

BJC Campus Renewal Photo 2.jpg
BJC Campus Renewal Photo 1.jpg

BJC renovated the 360-bed Children’s Hospital, which is the
oldest pediatric hospital west of the Mississippi river. The
project called for installing five approximate 65,000 CFM
each Air Handlers on the fourth floor and on the roof.

• Five air handlers
• Hoist and Assemble
• Set & connect AHUs
• Shell & Core

BJC Campus Renewal Photo 3.jpg

Missouri Baptist Chiller Tower Rehab
Magnitude = >$450,000

MOBAP Photo 1.jpg
MOBAP Photo 3.jpg

BJC’s 426-bed Missouri Baptist Hospital had issues with an
100 foot aging underground pipe from the cooling towers
to the mechanical room. The pumps were aged and were
replaced while keeping the hospital functional. The project
demanded a tight, coordinated schedule.

• Excavate and replace 36” pipe
• Replace chiller pumps
• Install ABB controls & VFDs
• Replace pipe header, baskets

MOBAP Photo 4.jpg

Saint Louis University Pius Library
Magnitude = >$1,000,000

SLU Pius Photo 1.jpg
Mendenhall Photo 2.jpg

1. Special Collections Project
2. ATC (Applied Technology Center Project)
St. Louis University (SLU) is the oldest university west of the
Mississippi river. Other than the Vatican itself, SLU’s Special
Collections houses the largest collection of Vatican historic books
and manuscripts, dating back to the 16th century. A stand-alone
HVAC system solved for temperature/humidity issues. Design
specifications, security and library decorum were of ultimate
importance. SLU’s ATC project converted the library’s 1

st Floor into a
new state-of-the-art learning environment for the students’ which
features virtual reality, 3-D printing, video collaboration and more.

• Chill Water & Hot Water Piping for VAV system
• AHU approx. 45,000 CFM
• Lower level mechanical room pumps
• Pipe & duct insulation

Special Collections
• Engineered installation of redundant 5 Ton Liebert FCU & CU
• Cleaned & disinfected existing ductwork
• New supply and return ductwork (motorized dampers)
• Pipe & duct insulation

Mendenhall Photo 1.jpg
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